Every achievement or failure can be determined by a very crucial factor: time. Time is the backdrop of all events, ranging from the most epic and historic to the most intimate and domestic. When someone wishes to question the nature of an event or element, its strength and weaknesses, he/she often asks: Will it stand the test of time?

The productivity of an organization lies in its ability to “stand the test of time”. Only an organization that has clearly-set goals and ever-growing plans can survive. Being an organization with deeply rooted beliefs and solidly executed actions, HCI has been constantly developing, expanding both in terms of geographical and relief outreach.

Human Concern International bases it activities on two kinds of projects: those that are executed and accomplished in a clearly-defined time-span on one hand, and ongoing, evolving projects on the other. Here’s a timeline of our projects and programs:

From 1989 till 1995, HCI-ME was considered one of the major relief organizations in Lebanon, directly assisting thousands of disadvantaged groups in the post civil-war period. HCI’s Child Sponsorship Program was launched during this period. Agriculture support projects for small farmers were initiated. Wells and irrigation channels were installed.

In the years between 1995 and 2000, HCI worked towards becoming a Grant-maker, supporting good works and good people in Lebanon and building self-sustainable short and long term development projects. During this period, five micro-credit funds were set up in Lebanon. Vocational training for women and girls were offered. Business development services for windows were provided. Small grants for local NGOs were granted.

In the early 2000s, HCI-ME expanded its operations to include five other countries in the MENA region, namely Sudan, Egypt, West Bank and Gaza, Jordan, and Iraq. Shipments carrying medicines were transported to Gaza, the West Bank, Sudan and Iraq. Projects assisting refugees and the displaced in Iraq, Sudan and Jordan were implemented. Nutritional support for kindergarten students were provided in the West Bank. Schools were rehabilitated in Sudan.

In 2008, HCI-ME’s transition to a development and relief organization was finally complete. The organization was now managing, tracking, staffing, and reporting on tens of development projects in as many as six countries at any given time. Quick impact projects were implemented all over the region. Mobile clinics were set up for new settlers in Egypt. A fully equipped health center was completed in the settlements in Sudan. Olive oil was promoted in the West Bank. Capacity Building workshops for local NGOs were offered. Schools and kindergartens rehabilitation, livelihood development, agriculture and backyard production development, FI and NFI distributions, mobile clinics, food banks, and psychosocial support for children projects were implemented in Gaza. Healthy eating habits among school children; agriculture support for low-income small farmers; empowerment of youth groups in poor urban neighborhoods; and business development for landmine victims were promoted in Lebanon.

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