Nov 142011

Help Us Help the Vulnerable People of Horn of Africa

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Following the worst drought in 60 years, the situation in the Horn of Africa is rapidly deteriorating: families across Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya and some parts of Sudan are struggling to find anything to eat or drink and are in need of emergency healthcare. Over 13 million are suffering from desperate food shortages. Right now, the drought is spreading to Tanzania.

The international community has officially declared famine in parts of Somalia where over 30% of children are acutely malnourished and two deaths, per day, per 10,000 people occur due to these food shortages. Hundreds of thousands of people have fled the country due to the drought and conflict,  thousands of livestock have already died, and food prices have rocketed. The situation is catastrophic.

HCI has been on the ground delivering vital aid and assistance for many years. Countless lives have been saved through our projects in the affected areas of Somalia. We must intervene now to avert a full-scale disaster and save the lives of thousands of  vulnerable victims.

HCI has started working in the area, and has been successfully delivering aid to Somali Famine victim in Mogadishu, Afgoye and Shabeelle. At the Feeding Center we are sponsoring, 900 individuals per day are receiving HCI’s help. A total of 27,000 people displaced by drought and famine are being helped every month. In Mogadishu we are distributing monthly food packages. Households receive parcels of culturally specific foods worth $150.

HCI’s immediate relief packages include: cooked food through food kitchens and dry food hampers. Food products include items that are familiar to beneficiaries and that they frequently use such as: tomatoes, pasta, tuna, flour, sugar, rice, and vegetable oil.

In the past year and a half alone, our aid to Somalia has been over one million dollars. Our projects include child sponsorship, orphanage, food assistance, water wells, water tankers, ambulance, other health services including massive medical aid packages and educational projects, as well as Recreation Centre for youth.

HCI has over 20 years of emergency relief experience in Africa: we have been implementing relief and development programs in the region together with our strong network of local partners for decades. Our presence and work in the region there has given us a solid base from which to start from, our teams on ground are delivering essential food and water supplies to the neediest of the needy. However, much more needs to be done, and there are very few funds available for us to expand our programs or to launch new ones. That is why we are making this special appeal for help.

Please donate generously and help HCI help the ordinary people of the Horn of Africa rebuild their lives. PLEASE CONTACT US NOW IF YOU WANT TO DONATE. You can also donate online at HCI Canada website by clicking here.

HCI follows a strict monitoring and evaluation system, which involves more than one long-term partner organization. Some of these partners provide supervision from within; others offer logistical support while others are responsible for designing and assisting in the implementation of HCI’s projects. Thus, transparency and accountability are ensured through a complex multi-level monitoring and supervision system. HCI only choose partners that have been thoroughly scrutinized, monitored, evaluated and verified in meeting our strict criteria. We value the support of our donors and every effort is made to make sure that every penny you donate goes to those who need it the most.

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