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From Survival to Long Term Sustainability

The number of orphans and children from single mother-headed households in the Arab world has risen dramatically over the past few years due to war, natural disasters, and other crises. Poverty and economic hardship also have added to children born out of wedlock who are considered orphans.

For the past decade, HCI has been addressing this problem by sponsoring orphans in the poorest communities in Palestine, Sudan, Lebanon and Egypt as part of HCI’s regional Child Sponsorship Program. There now are hundreds of orphans from Khartoum’s, Tripoli’s, Jerusalem’s, Darfur’s and Gaza’s poorest communities having their basic needs met through HCI –health care, nutrition, education, guidance–getting a shot at a brighter future.

HCI’s Child Sponsorship Program is designed to assist orphans and their families in both the short and long term. The sponsorship is given to the orphan and their family to help towards living costs. Moreover, by enabling a child to receive a sound level of education you empower them to build for themselves a brighter future and to provide for their family too.

Assisting the poor and needy is part of a long and sacred tradition in the Muslim World. HCI is pleased to be part of that tradition and to be able to work with local organizations to assure that contributions made reach those most in need. All orphans sponsored by the scheme are individually selected by HCI in partnership with grassroots partners. A child’s age, family size, family income and living conditions are looked at to assess need. Once sponsorship has begun HCI continues to maintain regular contact with the child to ensure wellbeing and that the child continues to progress through school. In Sudan for example, for about a dollar a day, you can help support a child in our Child Sponsorship Program.

Upon sponsorship, sponsors are sent an information pack with details of the orphan(s) they are sponsoring, such as their age, circumstance, schooling, information about their community and a local address for correspondence. In addition, HCI will continue to provide you with annual feedback updates on the child’s wellbeing and school reports.

Sponsorship continues until an orphan reaches the age of 16. As sponsored orphan approaches this age we give the sponsor the option either of continuing sponsorship under the HCI Higher Education Sponsorship Program or changing sponsorship to support a younger child.

HCI ensure that each orphan receives correspondences from the sponsor and it is translated if necessary. Sponsors can also correspond directly with the sponsored child.

Sponsorship costs between $60 and $30 per month for orphans in Palestine, Lebanon, and Egypt and Sudan. This contributes to school fees, clothing and footwear for the orphan, and money for the orphan’s family. Please contact us if you are interested to sponsor a child.


Entrepreneurship development, schooling support, higher education support, vocational training, psychosocial support programs, health services and several other programs have been developed by HCI to reduce immediate needs of orphans and to create greater opportunities for their future progress.

Their single mothers have also been supported through health services, food and non-food item distributions, awareness campaigns, access to finance, and the development of income generating activities to improve the economic health of the entire family to help them make the leap from survival to long term sustainability.

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